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  • Waste Tyre Recycling Line Mechine is specialized in the recycling of waste tires Our company has two technologies--crush the waste rubber into powder and make rubber floor from the power.
  • Foaming Vulcanizing Press This machine is suitable for making sandals, slippers, flip flops, regular soles, small size color sheet.
  • Rubber Tile Vulcanizing Press This Rubber Tiles Vulcanizing Press is specially used to produce rubber tiles.
  • Pillar Type Plate Vulcanizing Press- The vulcanizing press used for rubber vulcanization
  • Rubber Grinder This vulcanizing press is used for producing Ultrafine Rubber Powder
  • Bale cutter This machine is mainly used to cut the natural rubber,synthetic rubber and other plastic materials,especially it is suitable to be installed near the rubber mixer to cut small pieces.
  • Two-roll rubber calender This machine is mainly used for calendering and coating sheet of inner-liner of radial tyre.
  • Batch-Off Cooling Unit The production line is used for extruder extrusion of tread / retread compound of cooling and cutting off.
  • Rubber&Plastic Mixer/Kneader It is mainly used for mixing and plasticating rubber or plastics with ingredients as well as mixing some kinds of rubber and plastics together.
  • Mixing Mill/Open Mill This machine is mainly used forrubber or plastics mixing or sheeting.
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